Hello to you! If you have arrived here by mistake, please feel free to stay and browse.

I know, not much to see…yet.This is the first time I have tried to set up a site so please bear with me….or make suggestions.

I am the author of the crime/suspense fiction book, Betrayal Book 1 and  The Consequences Book 2.


The writing and planning of my books was thoroughly enjoyable, the proof-reading and editing were tedious, but it was all worth it.  The best part for me was the cover design and after three attempts I managed it! That was the easy part.

I decided to self-publish – only because I gave up waiting for representation.

The hard part now is the marketing and promoting it. I am currently looking online for ideas, but there are only 24 hours in a day! Maybe I should hire a PA?

The reason I wanted a site was to interact with readers, get feedback, good or bad and keep you all informed about my next book.

The Facebook icon, when I find it, will take you to my page. In the mean time I can be found here


It would be great if you could give it a like/share!

The process of self-publishing has been daunting and I have put myself through the wringer. Sleepless nights, crying, hair-pulling and more crying are just a few things I went through. Questions plagued me – do I need an editor? When will I need one? Where will I find one? How on earth does someone go through the process of CreateSpace to get their book in paperback form? Where do I find a good book cover? Never fear because now the process has been made simple by a directory of great talents all in one place! Yes, I said a directory – just like the yellow pages. People with skills to help, people who can make the whole process that little bit easier for us. I just wish Keystrokes & Closed Doors had been around when I started Betrayal!

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