Billy McLaughlin


Billy McLaughlin is a Glasgow born author who released his first novelette ‘Invisible in March 2016. Receiving glowing customer reviews, he followed up with the gritty novel ‘Lost Girl which introduces readers to the mainstay characters Phil & Kate. In September 2016, his third book ‘In the Wake of Death‘ was released, re-uniting audiences with Phil & Kate as well as throwing a brand new mystery that has been praised for its unique twist.

McLaughlin welcomed 2017 in celebrating that ‘Lost Girl‘ peaked at number 2 in the crime thriller charts the previous August and gained the coveted number 1 slot in the Scottish crime charts with ‘In the Wake of Death’. His fourth book is released on 13 March 2017. ‘The Dead of Winter will appear to be a stand-alone mystery, but introduces a brand new character that is already set to make a splash in the 3rd DI Phil Morris mystery ‘The Daughter‘ which is due in summer 2017.

My review of Lost Girl


I was pleasantly surprised with Lost Girls and amazed to find out the author was male. HIs main character Kate Mulgrew and a secondary one Flo is written with such insight to the female psyche. I can’t give spoilers but we see the character development is strong with them and I truly cared about what happened to them and their journey in this well crafted storyline.

If you like a book with thrills, stalking, heart stopping moments you will enjoy Lost Girl.

Billy McLaughin writes with passion and brings the city of Glasgow to life and the narrative gives the reader a sense of what the place and people are like. A good strong plot with some great characters. I will be reading more from McLaughin.

My review of In the Wake of Death


I had no hesitation in giving In the Wake of Death five stars on Amazon. I was enthralled with the blurb and stayed with the plot – twists and turns a plenty! The author decided not to have too many characters in this title. For me as a reader it was a wise move because he made the most of the main character and secondary ones. They are all well drawn and you feel you know them – or people like them. They are realistic with emotions.

The main character, Marc is a very emotive one – from uncertainty, hope, despair, clarity and irrational – his story takes you from Marc being in an accident and follows it through to a great ending. An ending I didn’t see coming!

Billy McLaughlin is an author who pays attention to detail and is descriptive but not too over the top. His book In the Wake of Death and Lost Girl give discription where it’s needed so nothing of the story is lost in ‘flowery prose’ – this initself is a great talent – this author clearly loves his craft and will go from strength to strength…so, Billy McLaughlin when is my next read?


My review of Invisible


I had no problem giving Invisible a five star rating.

Invisible, a short novella, but it packs a punch! It is pacy, great characterisation and a plot with twists. Just when you think you are getting there, the author hits you with another one. A good short story writer is hard to find. It takes a certain discipline that the author must adhere to and Billy McLaughlin has what it takes – he is a natural at it. I read it in one sitting – I had to find out what happened at the end! In it’s entirety Invisible examines, friendship, betrayal, trust and so much more.

This wasn’t the first book I read from Billy McLaughlin – if it had been it would have prompted me to look for more of his writing.