Cathy Donnelly


Cathy Donnelly is an author of historical fiction set in Scotland. Cathy was born and lived most of her life in Scotland, which she considers to be one of the most beautiful and magical places on earth. This ancient land, with its endless stories of battles and alliances, villains and warriors, instilled in Cathy a love of reading and writing about history and the people who made it.

Her interests include Norse mythology, the Knights Templar, secret societies, and the supernatural. She enjoys incorporating these themes into her writing. Cathy researches any real historical characters and events thoroughly in the hope the reader is swept into a believable world that has a touch of magic. She sets the central point of her novels around the 16th and 17th centuries and flows into the past and future using reincarnation, flashbacks and time-travel elements.  Her debut novel Distant Whispers was a treat to read. I had no hesitation when she released There is a Place.

My review of Distant Whispers 


51JSvqk9sqLI started this book in December so I can truthfully say it was my best read of 2015 and I read a lot of books with my kindle subscription. There is so much going on in Distant Whispers, every page will hold any reader’s interest. It is written to a very high standard and the lack of contractions used for the early centuries is testament to this. The writing style changes for each period and it was a pleasure to see the story unfold.

Characterisation is well drawn and developed. The main character, Rachel is an interesting one but her tenacity to do right by others no matter what happens never wavers from one period to the next. It isn’t an original aspect – reincarnation in novels – but Cathy Donnelly’s story is original and narrated in such a way you will be reluctant to put the book down. The author also shows the reader the discourse of witchcraft and the misogyny that was around in the 17th century, she pulls this of brilliantly with the character Dr Brown.

Donnelly has a natural ability with the rule ‘show’ ‘don’t tell’ which in turn makes the whole novel a treat to read. I felt spiritually uplifted once I had finished Distant Whispers, definitely not a book to be missed.

My 5* review of There is a Place.


You don’t have to love Scotland, or even know it to like There is a Place. Cathy Donnelly brings Scotland to you, she brings history and she gives you a great uplifting read. I am from Scotland and I have visited or lived in the many places that the author depicts….and she does it well!

Although There is a Place is historical fiction the facts the reader is presented with are factually recorded and are woven into an easy reading novel with a plot that has twists and turns on the way to a great conclusion.

There are not a lot of characters to meet in this novel but when you do come across them they become memorable. The story flows and is written with care and excellent writing.

There is a Place is a beautiful story that ignites the imagination and you will be able to lose yourself in the character’s worlds of 16th Century Scotland and the present day.
Cathy Donnelly has a writing style that mesmerises you and makes you believe in the story.