Carmel McMurdo Audsley


Carmel McMurdo Audsley is an Australian Journalist, Editor and Author who lives in Brisbane. Both Carmel and her husband have Scottish fathers. In a career as a Newspaper Journalist and Magazine Editor she has written and had published thousands of news stories and feature articles and has now turned her research and writing skills to digging up the past. In Faeries, Farms and Folk she brings to life the stories of people living in the 1600s and 1700s in farming communities in lowland Scotland. In Ours, yours, and Mines she follows the family and their transition to coal miners living in the miners’ rows of Ayrshire Scotland in the mid-1800s and early 1900s. The final instalment in the trilogy, Far Across the Sea, follows the main character as he sets out after the second world war to find a new life in Australia.Carmel  invites you to browse through her novels, read extracts, view the videos and look at the photos.  You can escape to another time and go on adventures with the characters in the books. By visiting Carmel’s website you truly get the feel of Scotland’s past.

The Undertaker

Here is the blurb and a review for the first book of The Undertaker. I am itching to read this title.


In 1858 in Edinburgh Scotland, a 23-year-old woman named Kate Grainger inherits her father’s undertaking business. It is a time when not much is expected of women, other than to be wives and mothers, and Kate wants to be neither. She wants to be a doctor but women are not allowed to enter the prestigious Edinburgh School of Medicine. She has a male friend, James, who is a doctor – he is smitten with her and wants to marry her, but she has made it clear that she has no such intentions. She spends a lot of time with him looking through his medical books to learn all that she can. She has drive and ambition – and a special gift. Kate can communicate with people who have passed over. She had, what her father thought, was an imaginary friend when she was a child, but her companion was the spirit of a little girl who had died in the Great Fire of Edinburgh. When Kate discovers that her first client at Grainger Undertakers has been murdered, she sets out on a journey that takes her deep into Edinburgh’s underground and into the spirit world to catch a serial killer.

Amazon 5* review says

In looking for something different to read, I was intrigued by the title and premise for ‘The Undertaker’, by Carmel Audsley, and immediately drawn into the world of 23 year old Katie Grainger, who is thrown into the daunting task of running her father’s undertaker business after his untimely death. The setting is Edinburgh in 1823, an era when it was deemed improper for women to do this kind of work.

Katie Grainger is determined, though. She has spirit and a fierce will to succeed, but when her first client comes under her care she quickly detects that something is not at all right, and with help from the spirit world she sets about trying to untangle a web of murder and deceit.

With fascinating references to the medical history of the time, the story moves along at pace, a murder mystery with touches of the paranormal, taken from a most unusual perspective. Katie is an endearing character, and I’d love to think we might see more of her in future books.
This is a book that is hard to put down. I read it in a single weekend and enjoyed it immensely.

It looks like I am in for an interesting read!